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Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager (CDFOM®)
CDFOM® Overview
The CDFOM® is a 3-day course is designed to expose participants to in-depth knowledge about managing data centre operation which includes the following key subject matters such as; capacity planning, latest green initiatives, how to properly commission and de-commission equipment, compliance to safety standards, statutory compliance and international standards, managing people.

Additionally vendor management, handling incident/crisis management as well the how to keep operations really simple, manageable, effective and efficient will be covered fully.
The primary audience for CDFOM® course is an IT, Facilities or Data Centre Operations professional working in and around the data centre (representing both end-customers and/or service provider/facilitators) and having responsibility to achieve and improve hi-availability and manageability of the Data Centre, such as: Data centre managers, Operations / Floor / Facility managers, data centre engineers, network/system engineers/data centre sales/consultants.
Candidates who successfully pass the exam will receive  the official ‘Certified Data Centre Facilities Operations Manager’ certifcate. The certifcation is valid for three years after which the student needs to re-certify.
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