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Digital Transformation Enabler

PT Duta Kuningan, commonly known as Dee:Kai Learning, is an Indonesia Softskill & IT Infrastructure Learning Provider that offers unique methodology learning and advanced technology training to multinational corporations. Duta Kuningan, founded in Indonesia in 2011, now has offices in three major cities. We have successfully trained over 12,000 IT professionals through our training programs and services.

Duta Kuningan assists organisations with their human capital development by means of a consulting methodology to analyse business and training needs, conduct IT Skills audits and develop customized training programs. 


Duta Kuningan is a company behind Bawana Margatama Group and in partnership with Mindmagine, EPI, EXIN, DASA, and other leading IT vendors certified learning partners.



We aim to be a leading provider and prominent leader in service and performance. And we're planning to achieve that by providing excellent service and value-added training to all customers and partners as the leading training provider. We're creating the best conditions for employees as a place of pride for their work and achievements, and we will increase awareness of environmental and social responsibility.


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